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Improve Your Workout with Sweat-Wicking Accessories

Improve Your Workout with Sweat-Wicking Accessories

We always hear people talking about how important it is to wear moisture-wicking tops and bottoms – and it is. I have this phobia about wearing really tight workout clothes. They make me feel like I’ve been stuffed in a sausage casing, so there have been plenty of workouts where I’ve been dressed in head-to-toe cotton…it leaves you feeling disgusting! I always leave feeling smelly, stinky, and gross, and usually end up cutting my workout short so I can take a shower. What people don’t talk about enough, however, is how important it is to also wear moisture-wicking underwear and socks.

It seems obvious, but most people I know don’t and I for one spent years working out in Hanky Panky thongs. It was only on a gyno visit not too long ago that I told my doctor I’m pretty much in a lace thong 24/7 that I decided to invest in sweat-wicking underwear for my workouts…mostly because my doctor more or less told me that working out and sleeping in thongs is nuts (am I the only one who did that??). The difference is tremendous and ditto to moisture-wicking socks. Feeling good about how you’re dressed and feeling comfortable in what you’re dressed in is so key to having a great workout, and it’s small things like this that can have huge impacts. Best of all you don’t need to spend a ton of money. C9 By Champion has a number of options and they’re all very reasonably priced.


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