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Mama Mio Launches Workout-Inspired Products


I’ve been a fan of Mama Mio since they launched because they advocate beauty and fitness. They don’t promise that their products are going to magically make you slender or toned, but they say that if you take care of your body and use their products you’ll see results and I’ve always trusted them because of their honest approach. Plus, they spend most of their resources on product formulations, forgoing advertising and celebrity endorsements, so you know you’re getting a high number of actives in all of their products. The latest launches are fitness-inspired and are designed to soothe an active body. They’re being marketed under a new line called Mio.

I don’t typically take baths, but I was having a very lazy moment when I was in Puerto Rico. It was pouring rain, so I used their Liquid Yoga ($40 – it’s meant for the bath, but you can use it in the shower too) and took a long bath. It’s a super relaxing bath soak that blends essential oils (spearmint, cypress, lavender, mandarin, and chamomile), mineral salts (including Epsom salts), and therapeutic herbs to soothe muscles and the best part is that it’s non-foaming so there isn’t any messy cleanup at the end. It also has anti-inflammatory ingredients like horse chestnut seed extract, so it’s good if you’re feeling tight. A rigorous run followed by Liquid Yoga…sounds like a perfect afternoon to me!


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