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Resveratrol: A Key Anti-Aging Ingredient


Caudalie has build a veritable empire on the antioxidant power of grapes. In fact, before anyone in mainstream beauty was talking about antioxidants, they maintained that resveratrol (obtained from the skins of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes), had tremendous anti-aging benefits and was the first skincare brand to use it topically – and the first to patent it in stabilized levels. Since then, a number of other brands have embraced this potent ingredient, including SkinCeuticals. Caudalie recently held a symposium in Paris with Dr. David Sinclair (Harvard Genetics Department) detailing the latest research surrounding resveratrol’s anti-aging benefits, with clinicals to support it. They have also recently launched reformulated versions of some of their most popular products (they now contain some of the highest levels of the powerful ingredient), including their Vinexpert Firming Serum (at Nordstrom for $89), which has powerful clinicals to support how effectively it works: it has been proven to increase skin firmness up to 96%, and the appearance of lifting up to 70% in just 28 days. There have been countless studies showing that grape-derived molecules can help fight free radicals – not only responsible for skin aging, but also heart disease and cancer – and while drinking red wine is one way to combat that, to best tackle the free radicals that attack collagen, opt for products from brands like Caudalie whose formulations are optimized for absorption (since the antioxidants are chemically stabilized).


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