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Shaun Leane Hook Earrings: Off the Hook

Shaun Leane Hook Earrings

I’m all about adorning the ear this season! Next to flawless makeup, there’s no better way to brighten your face, and the latest way I plan to do this is with the help of the House of Shaun Leane. The goldsmith has apprenticed in traditional craftsmanship since the age of 15, perfecting the art of creating high-end fine jewelry. He worked with friend Alexander McQueen on runway pieces for more than a decade, as well as with Givenchy, but now has a fashion line that’s just as collectible and far more accessible.

Unlike Givenchy’s version with magnets that was so excruciating I almost starting bawling after 30 minutes, Shaun’s hooks allow you to show off your sense of refined edge without a single ounce of pain. Each piece slides on like a regular earring, only the backing is the hook. Clever! Of course I love the diamond tusks, but I’ll more likely go with the less costly style, as this is a very trendy shape and probably doesn’t warrant the investment. There are three sizes, ranging from the slightly mature, more ordinary-looking short variety up to my favorite – the elegant and slimming long version. Shaun Leane hook earrings available in gold vermeilicon ($358.59 on Farfetch) and yellow gold/diamond (£6,790 on Shaun Leane).



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