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Smart Beauty Guide: Do Your Research

Smart Beauty Guide

When it comes to having a cosmetic procedure done, rigorous research is a must. The trouble is, what sources can you really trust to help you make this decision? The Internet is full of information, but also a great deal of misinformation. It can be difficult weeding through all of your options regarding doctors, procedures, etc. There are a huge number of untrained and unlicensed plastic surgeons out there (not the kind of doctors you want to put your looks and more importantly, your life, in the hands of), and that’s including some of the famous ones!

So the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery launched a new website – the Smart Beauty Guide. The contributors behind it are highly respected, board-certified plastic surgeons like Dr. Anthony Youn, a regular on CNN. They provide all the information you need to make a truly informed decision, from doctors’ blogs to safety info, costs, and even contact info for reputable offices. This is the best resource I’ve seen, a guide invaluable to those considering elective surgery, and frankly, fascinating even for procedures I’m not considering. Check it out for yourself here!



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  1. I couldn’t agree more. I’m one of the bloggers for the site, basically, I write about procedures that are up and coming, why myself or other Gen Xers would want them and how they work. I get to interview those amazing Docs you mentioned and it’s incredible what I’ve learned. And what I’ve decided is and ISN’T for me as I seem to keep aging (all though I feel about 20 most of the time).