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AERIN Beauty Rose Balm

AERIN Beauty Rose Balm

I’ve been traveling a ton lately – Puerto Rico, South Beach, London, Tokyo. It’s so important for me to have multi-duty products on hand (you think NYC TSA is annoying…they are nothing compared to some of the other ones!). It’s also not a secret that airplanes zap your skin’s moisture so having a product like AERIN Beauty rose balm (at Bergdorf Goodman for $58) is imperative. I have a pet peeve about applying balm to my lips with my fingers (I only use EOS spheres or Blistex/Fresh tubes that don’t require me to touch my lips) because I find that my lips always feel irritated, but I’ve been using this balm for basically everything else – from my hair ends to cuticles…even my delicate under-eye area (and I have found no irritation when doing so). The product is made from the extracts of over 350 rose petals, and Aerin Lauder used it as a base for the 10 lipsticks in her new Essentials collection, meaning you can expect them to feel more like a balm than chalky color. As for the packaging, you can’t top streamlined and gold!

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