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Black and White: The Dynamic Duo

Black and White

Graphic black and white was last year’s biggest spring trend. Actually, it was probably the biggest trend of the year, one that has stuck around and likely won’t go anywhere too soon. Because really, when is the classic duo not in style? It’s almost crazy to think that this is considered a trend, but the stark juxtaposition of pristine white against the darkest black certainly holds a greater visual contrast than any other combo. And what I love about it is that this is a look you can have at any price point, whereas some other trends rely on materials or aspects of a bag that might increase the cost. Browsing on eBay also makes the hit to your wallet a little more bearable. I’ve come across everything from a $275 Givenchy bucket to a $2,499 vintage Fendi Peekaboo. Check out our collection of monochrome bags, and let us know of any treasures you find. That is, if you don’t snap them up for yourself first! #followitfindit

My eBay collections were curated as part of my collaboration with eBay.



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