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Can Bliss fatgirlslim armcandy Get You Skinny Arms?


Let’s get one thing out of the way…there is NO cream that is going to make your arms skinnier. Trust me, if there was such a magic potion it would be all over the news. That doesn’t mean it’s hopeless, however! In addition to diet and exercise, there are body products that can help enhance your physique like Bliss‘ fatgirlslim armcandy (at Bliss for $38). The key to this product is its applicator which has little nubs, meaning that the only way to apply the product is by massaging it into your arms, ideally in a circular motion. This motion will help boost circulation, while also serving as a way to pseudo-exfoliate. It feels like a mini arm massage (not to mention that seeing your bat wings as you apply this product is a great reminder to go to the gym). Most “slimming” products should be applied in this sort of circular massage style, but I for one tend to always be in a rush and most of the time just slather on my creams. I love that Arm Candy “forces” you to take your time and properly apply the product.


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