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Dear Kate: No More Embarrassing Crotch Sweat


Dear Kate is a new lingerie line founded by 25-year-old Julie Sygiel, a chemical engineering grad, that promises to rid us of, among other things, that super embarrassing crotch sweat! I get it all the time because I favor cotton American Apparel leggings over functional ones (Lululemon and co are such a pain to wash since you can’t wash them with cotton or they’ll pill, and they never feel as stretchy as my American Apparel leggings). Anyway, more often than not I have to forgo doing certain workout moves because my crotch area is embarrassingly sweat trenched because of my clothing choices. Thanks to Dear Kate however this problem is mitigated as I no longer am wearing cotton on cotton, but rather have underwear made from sweat-wicking fabric with a built-in liner (the liner is made from a thin wicking material that holds up to three teaspoons of liquid)…basically the brand’s underwear is designed to not only resist sweat when you work out, but also if you leak from your period (and um, pee a little bit, which apparently is common after giving birth). Better yet, the underwear comes in a bunch of cute styles!


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