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Fashion Fetish? Guilty as Charged!

Fashion Fetish?

Put under house arrest? I don’t think so! When it comes to Charlotte Olympia’s Handcuff clutchicon (on NET-A-PORTER for $1,295), think hot gold cuff, not plastic ankle bracelet. While many designers toy with the concept of handcuffs as handles and closures, from Jimmy Choo to Louis Vuitton to Reece Hudson, none have been as bold and blatant about it as Olympia. Her latest Perspex clutch doesn’t just toy with the notion of bondage; its handle is a legit handcuff. Now there’s nothing glamorous about winding up in jail, but there is always something a little sexy (and a lot naughty) about S&M play when it comes to your high-end accessories.

A simple, otherwise unadorned lacquered box design balances out the cheeky detail, so this doesn’t look like something you picked up at your local sex shop amidst the watermelon-flavored lube and pleather maid aprons. No, Charlotte’s inherently old-world aesthetic means this cuff is retro-chic meets in-your-face sexy. This clutch is hardly meant for solitary confinement. Take it out to turn up the heat on your next date night, or consider indulging in one of your fashion fetishes with these sexy accessories…

Loren Stewart Silver & Cold Screw Cuff: Lock yourself up and throw away the key? Not when that key was made by Loren Stewart! The bracelet’s gold screw functions as a clasp, fulfilling our dreams of function and fetish at the same time. At Barneys New York for $560.

Giuseppe Zanotti Gaga Spikes & Suede Wedge Bootie: This is true S&M…more masochism than anything else, though – these are not exactly comfortable. On Forzieri for $1,512.50 (from $3,025).

Maria Black Spear Chain Gold-Plated Bracelet: Slip on this Scandinavian jeweler’s handmade bracelet with the fastening of a spear. On NET-A-PORTER for $200.

Eddie Borgo Rose Gold-Plated Cuff: Eddie’s no stranger to spikes, studs, or chains, so if you have to be handcuffed, let’s hope it’s with one of his gleaming bangles! On NET-A-PORTER for $315.



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