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Get the Look: The Faux Bob

Get the Look

With so many chic women cutting their hair into pixies or bobs, the desire to chop off our locks is stronger than ever. But when I cut my waist length hair into a straight bob on whim in my twenties (I cried for hours!), I vowed to never go that short again. My hair now falls a few inches below my shoulders, and tempted though I may be for a quick change, I’m not willing to make the cut again. A faux bob is just as good! In fact, it has more volume than the real thing since you have to tuck your long hair under. Ruth Roche, a celebrity stylist who’s worked with the likes of Anne Hathaway and Amy Adams, recommends braiding and hiding the bottom half of your hair to remove some of the length and build body. All you need is a comb, some bobby pins and ties, and hairspray. Watch her walk through the whole process here!



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