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Jo Malone x Michael Angove


As I write this blog post I’m sitting in the office in my apartment wearing my winter coat because the owner of my building is a cheap, cheap, cheap man who decided that it was OK to turn off the heat just because it’s spring. Unfortunately it’s also 30-something degrees in New York City. Needless to say I’m spending my days shivering, but at least it smells like spring around me thanks to Jo Malone x Michael Angove! (Gotta keep it positive right!?)

Two of Jo Malone’s most popular scents – Blackberry & Bay and Orange Blossom – were just re-released in limited edition by artist Michael Angove (he specializes in highly detailed chinoiserie wallpaper, which is evidenced in the Jo Malone collection). The Blackberry & Bay scent is available as a candle, perfumed sachets, and a soap while the Orange Blossom scent comes in diffuser or soap form. I love the perfumed sachets and these ones smell so delicate but strong – you can literally smell them through the packaging. Come summer so many of us spend weekends at friends’ houses in the Hamptons or wherever it might be. I can’t think of a better hostess gift than a combination of sachets and candle or sachets and diffuser. Also…anyone else dying for wallpaper with these prints!?

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