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Kate Spade New York Wicker Car Tote: The Fifth Wheel

Kate Spade New York Wicker Car Tote

What ever happened to good taste? Or at least functionality…? I can’t entirely blame the people at Kate Spade New York for this absurd contraption. I actually fault Charlotte Olympia for paving the way for designers to unleash their tacky sides. But novelty is one thing; there’s a time and a place for it, and Charlotte manages to (usually) keep things whimsical and fun when she embraces her kooky fantasies. The sense of irony remains in tact.

This car tote, on the flip side, is just plain dumb. A wicker car tote, at that. Who wakes up in the morning and thinks to herself, “Hmm…today is a great day to tote a car bag, in wicker!” And the PVC-lined windows aren’t doing it any favors. It might as well be saran wrap holding your belongings in place.

This actually took me longer to write than usual because I could not stop laughing out loud. So I have to give it some credit for that. But just promise me you won’t hitch a ride! On the contrary, please let this car pull a Thelma and Louise and drive straight off a cliff. On Shopbop for $398.

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  1. Love the comments – it’s nice to see someone who tells the truth about designers ridiculous ideas. Not everything has to be sugar coated. A dumb design is a dumb design, regardless of the name on the label.