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If a Kirschbar is Good Enough for Kate Upton…


One of my best friends was dangerously overweight for a very, very long time. I’m not talking about the messed up ideals of “fashion overweight.” I mean he needed to loose 100-plus pounds or he would very likely die a premature death. Someone at that weight tends to not feel comfortable working out in a big gym or even at a boutique fitness studio where he can’t relate to anyone else, which is why my friend trained at David Kirsch (he said there were never more than five people in a class there and he did near daily personal training). My friend is now a skinny mini and works out with me at Barry’s Bootcamp all the time, but he still is always talking about how transformative his experience at David Kirsch was (plus apparently they wash your gym clothes there!?).

I don’t usually eat food bars because I have zero self control and end up eating a whole box, but I was sent a sample of David Kirsch’s new Kirschbar and figured there’s just one in the bag, it’s only 100 calories, and Kate Upton – and my friend – love these (this bar is a new version of something Kirsch has previously offered). The bar is made with 8 grams of casein and egg white protein and unlike conventional protein bars that have as much sugar, fat, and calories as candy bars (seriously if they taste too good to be healthy, ahem Lara Bars and Protein Crunch, they probably are), the Kirschbar has very little sugar (just 2g!), almost no fat, and no artificial additives. And casein protein digests slowly, keeping you full for longer than other protein bars can. I still would prefer to opt for fruit and veggies as snacks, but sometimes you just don’t have access to them or you want protein to help prepare/recover for workouts (or sometimes you just don’t want another apple!) and as far as all that goes this bar blows most competitors out of the water….just don’t buy too many at a time as despite being low in sugar they taste good and you’ll probably want to eat a few more if you have too many on hand!


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