From the Lab Transforming Hair Cleanser No. 724: One-Stop Shower

From the Lab Transforming Hair Cleanser No. 724

I have no fewer than ten products lining my tub right now. It’s gotten so bad that when my husband and son shower, they have no idea what to use. I’m always trying new shampoos, conditioners, masks, and oils, but I just discovered something that covers all the bases – Transforming Hair Cleanser No. 724. You know how we love products that foam up? This took some getting used to because it doesn’t get sudsy, and that’s actually a good thing. The truth is that foaming agents dry our hair out. Using hydrating raspberry stem cell extract and vitamin E, the cleanser has the power to shampoo, condition, and detangle all in one. I’ve been using it for a month now, and my hair has never looked better. And since this was originally formulated as a skin cleanser, it can double as a body wash. You have to try it! Now that I’ve shared my new find, though, tell me yours in the comments below. I need to keep my shower stocked! On From the Lab for $19.95 (from $29.95).

3 thoughts on “From the Lab Transforming Hair Cleanser No. 724: One-Stop Shower

  1. Danielle W. on said:

    Alternative caviar repair x shampoo and conditioner…my hair is like silk after using it!

  2. I Agree about the foaming. I use to love the lather, but after i learned how the drying agents in the hair products are actually damaging, i only choose to use products without that effect. Thanks Tina i will give this hair cleanser a try.

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