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Lululemon Designs Clothes That Take You From the Gym to the Bar


Lululemon has really up’d their fashion game. They have a launched a bunch of new items that would look just as appropriate at the gym as they would for a casual night out or for post-workout brunch. Some of them you could even get away with wearing to work to maximize the likelihood of squeezing a workout in. In addition to launching prints, like the floral one pictured above, they’ve launched a bunch of clothes that while being functional (they’re all made with high-performance, sweat-wicking fabrics), have fashion-forward – at least workout apparel-wise – touches like pleats, peplums, and cut-outs. They also have been using performance fabrics that mimic leather and have launched scarves and sweaters if you’re looking for layering pieces. Pants have also gotten more fashion conscious – check-out these with their front tie. For a really long time I worked out exclusively in American Apparel cotton leggings. Even though they got gross and sticky they’re the only ones I didn’t feel sausaged into.¬† Now however Lululemon has launched so many takes on their classic sweat-wicking, four-way stretch pants that I’m a convert! I’ve been running in one pair that is finished with pockets and another that has these leather-like panels on the bottom – they look and feel awesome (especially after all those years running in cotton!). Check-out the brand’s new buys here. Aside from the pants, I’m really loving all their new floral pieces and hope they will continue to introduce new prints.

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