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Moscow-Based Beauty Brand Rouge Bunny Rouge Comes Stateside


Anglo-Russian brand Rouge Bunny Rouge┬árecently launched stateside, and I had the chance to play around with some of their products. Initially I was intrigued because it’s a Moscow-based brand, and well….I’ve never, that I’m aware of, come across a luxury makeup brand from there. In addition to a wide assortment of makeup, Rouge Bunny Rouge also makes brushes, fragrances for both men and women, and some skincare. When I actually saw the products, however, I was excited because of their nice packaging. Packaging is at least half of what gets most of us to try one product over another! The colors are very wearable and lightweight in texture, so you can easily blend them (ditto for their light fragrances which can be layered Jo Malone-style).

Everything is inspired by fantasy/fairytale but it’s not kitschy or cheesy, and the black keeps everything sophisticated. Loved the eyeshadows – super, super soft (they’re meant to be applied by hand, but I’m old school and still prefer to use a brush/hate getting cosmetics on my fingertips). They have a wide variety of colors, but again everything is classic and wearable. You won’t find lime green from Rouge Bunny. In keeping with that, they also have loose glitter pigments, but they are – if you can believe it – subtle! These work great layered over a dark, neutral shadow. Check out all of their offerings here.



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  1. I ordered a lot of this makeup, and was excited to have it. I got a DHL note quickly, and there my story goes downhill. It never left Ohio, because the company never answered US customs questions. My makeup was returned by DHL to sender. I hope I get a credit, but I suspect I am going to be on the phone with Visa for a while…

  2. I heard from the company today, and they are reshipping.. so fingers crossed. They are also opening a USA web based page…