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What Not to Spend $100 On: Cronut Delivery Service

What Not to Spend $100 On

This is absolutely insane. Dominique Ansel’s croissant-doughnut hybrid became NYC’s biggest food trend last summer, and continues to draw a huge line that stretches along the block and around the corner. Since you have to really want a cronut to commit to the wait, someone (not the bakery, for the record) created a service that will do the waiting for you and deliver – as long as you’re willing to pay $100 per cronut! $100 for ONE! What would normally cost a mere $5 is now 20 times the cost. So if you want ten? $1,000!! This is especially unappealing given the famous bakery’s recent mice-related Department of Health shuttering. Then again, now that the shop has reopened, lines are back to their usual length. I guess a few vermin aren’t enough to keep people from their fluffy sweets! Personally, I’d rather put the money towards my next bag purchase, and I won’t be letting anything deep-fried get in the way of that. Would you pay $100 for one delivered cronut? Let us know in the poll below…

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