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TouchBack Temporary Color Marker: Away with the Gray

TouchBack Temporary Color Marker

Recently I was preparing to leave for a trip to New York when I realized that my grays were showing (yes, that’s my current reality!). Without time for a salon appointment, I popped on over to Duane Reade to pick up the TouchBack pen. This is a temporary solution just like dry shampoo, but sometimes you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do!

The pen is a thick marker, making it seem as if you’re taking a Sharpie to your head. Apply after you’ve styled your hair since it can’t be wet and use the accompanying comb to protect your forehead from getting dyed. For the rest of your locks, go on and mark up your scalp – no one will be able to tell. Though you won’t cover every last strand (some just refuse to play along), the overall difference is like night and day. The formula dries within a minute, so it won’t come off as you’re brushing and will stay on until you shampoo. I even slept with the color on, and there were no signs of it at all on my white pillowcase. This is the perfect quick fix for all of us Snobs on-the-go! TouchBack temporary color marker available in eight shades on Amazon for $23.23 each.



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    1. It does feel pricey but this will last forever since it’s just for quick fixes and not to use on a regular basis. Nice to keep on hand!