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Valmont: Luxury Spa Beauty Products


Last year when I went to Thailand my friend Zoe (who works at the Plaza Athenee where there is a Valmont Spa), she could not stop talking my ear off about how great Valmont is. She said it would change my skin and that she swears by their facials (Plaza Athenee uses only Valmont products for their facials and I’m going to finally get one their next month!). She recommended a facial when we were in Bangkok at the Okura Hotel, and that turned out to be fantastic (she said it was nothing compared to the one at the Plaza Athenee). I couldn’t wait to actually try these products she was raving about.

As luck would have it, Barneys does these things where if you spend a certain amount of money on beauty products, you get a bag full of beauty samples and inside were some Valmont products. Then coincidentally I got an email letting me know that there were new Valmont products and asking if I wanted to try one of them…the stars were aligned for me to try out this line and fall in love! Their anti-aging products are quick-acting, baby smooth, and simply fantastic (with testing to proof their efficacy), and their body ones are super lightweight and moisturizing. These products are not cheap, and that’s reflected in their formulations. The one area that leaves room to be desired is the packaging, which is a little bland and doesn’t scream luxury to me. In fact I would probably have passed over this fantastic line were it not for my friend’s urging. So excited to try out a Valmont facial after I land from my 14-hour flight from Tokyo! Have you tried this line? If so, what are you favorite products?


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