Wilfredo Rosado Jewelry: Rustling Feathers

Wilfredo Rosado Jewelry

As a protégé of both Giorgio Armani and Andy Warhol, fine jewelry designer Wilfredo Rosado knows a thing or two about “transforming street style into high fashion.” Look no further than the Metropolis earrings below, a classic teardrop shape outfitted with a multitude of diamonds, rubies, and pink and yellow sapphires. What sets the pieces from this collection apart, though, is their construction. Rosado assembled the jewelry using a new technique called nano ceramic, which is a way of applying color that adheres to gold. Many of his jewels also involve interchangeable elements as with these fringe earrings. Each pair comes with three additional feather options created at the atelier Maison Lemarie in Paris. Hey, just because it’s fine jewelry doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! Metropolis earrings ($29,000), 18k white gold & feather earrings ($83,000), and emerald green feather earrings ($34,200) at Just One Eye.

Wilfredo Rosado Jewelry

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  1. fab. fab. fab. Love that green pair.

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