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BOYY Martin Zebra-Print Satchel Bag: Boyy Meets Girl

BOYY Martin Zebra-Print Satchel Bag

Before this season, the Boy bags in my life were all of the Chanel variety, but these days, I have other Boyys trying to steal my heart – and they’re succeeding! The brand manages to balance its cool, hipster vibe with slick sophistication, and now the design duo has added zebra print to the lineup…this has long been one of my favorite styles, and their update is even more versatile with its starkly graphic take on the pony hair classic. Even its functionality seems a bit abstract at first. It appears to be a typical duffel until you take a closer look – the satchel has only one handle! While the bag hangs a bit forward à la the Givenchy Pandora, the look isn’t as dramatic. Another illusion? Lush pony hair decorates the front panel, yet the back is buttery smooth leather – a wise move. You hate to see the calf hair on a special bag go bald when it rubs against your body. We want to keep this Boyy looking good, and more importantly, we want it to keep us looking good! At Bergdorf Goodman for $850.



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