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Get Summer Ready With These New Razors

Get Summer Ready With These New Razors

Razors have been getting a lot of attention lately thanks to this article in New York Magazine and while I will agree that a rotating razor seems like a gimmick and that I am always surprised at just how expensive my refills are ($26ish for 8 new cartridges?!), there are some new developments worth getting behind in the realm of razors, one of which will actually save you money. First up if you haven’t been using Schick Intuition’s razors with moisturizing ribbons, you’ve been missing out. You can’t beat the convenience of not having to lather on shave cream and now they’ve launched two new ones: Pure Nourishment with Coconut Milk & Almond Oil Razor and Naturals Sensitive Care enriched with aloe and Vitamin E.

Now for the one that will save you money – it’s Schick Quattro For Women Trimstyle Razor & Bikini Trimmer. It’s beyond easy to use – just select from one of four trim lengths and turn the battery-powered trimmer on and trim away…it takes no more than a few seconds and you can do it in the shower. This has added at least a week to all of my bikini waxes. Plus unlike other trimmers it’s double ended so it works as a regular (non-battery operated) razor as well (again totally safe in the shower). It retails for about $10, which is a great price for this – though anything to delay the pain of a bikini wax is a great price for me! Also worth singling out is Gillette Venus Snap Razor, which is awesome for anyone who travels. I always wrap my razor in a plastic bag or in some tissues and, um, that is not an effective way to travel with a razor blade and the ribbon moisture ones always end up melting a bit. No more mussing and fussing with this!


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