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Murad Acne Starter Kit


It drives me nuts that I have to be so careful about my skin or risk breaking out – literally if I have a sweaty workout and don’t wash my face immediately after, I’ll break out the next day. Why couldn’t this problem have ended with my teenage years?! Alas, so is life and with summer coming up and the temperatures going up, extra precautions must be taken. I love the new Murad Acne Starter Kit ($30) for its affordable price and convenience. It has everything you need to treat acne-prone skin for 30 days and it’s all conveniently travel sized – perfect for summer. The only thing missing is the brand’s body spray, which I’m obsessed with (please Murad make it in travel size!), because it allows me to easily protect my back and any other hard-to-reach areas from breaking out. What I love about this line is that it’s effective without drying out skin, none of the products smell, and they use a combo of Salicylic Acid and Benzoyl Peroxide. At least for myself I’ve found it’s key to use both ingredients as they act differently to clear up skin. Salicylic Acid is an exfoliant that works to unclog pores, while Benzoyl Peroxide is a combination antibiotic and exfoliant. OK…I’m ready for the Hamptons!! Now someone order up the sun….


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  1. Hi Tina,
    Just discovered you on instagram through the Stenmark brothers then saw your blog. This article is definitely written for me! I wanted to get your opinion on the product. So quick question, would this kit work for sensitive, oily/combination skin? I’ve tried literally everything, from low-end to high-end, drugstore to my dermatologist’s prescription treatment; nothing seems to work, unless I basically only consume water…so a little help would be much appreciated! -Mia