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Organic Red Palm Oil: What It Is and Why You Should Consider Using It

Organic Red Palm Oil

My father always says that butter and salt make everything better…unfortunately not when it comes to cholesterol. While there will always have to be some degree of adjusting when we’re swapping out one product for another, there’s no reason to keep indulging, at least not on a regular basis, in things like butter when there are viable, more healthful alternatives. One such alternative is Nutiva organic red palm oil (on Nutiva for $8.99). Now I don’t suggest eating this by the spoon-full – it’s still a fatty, high calorie indulgence, but it’s way better for you than butter while satisfying the same taste buds. It has the same texture as butter, a mild flavor making it perfect for cooking, and it contains the highest amounts of antioxidant vitamins A & E of any plant-based oil (the biggest difference is the color – as the name suggests, it’s red/orange). You can literally use this for anything from soups and sauces to popcorn and sautéing. A number of brands make it, but Nutiva is Fair Trade certified, non-GMO Project verified, and more mild in flavor than competitors. It’s also worth noting that a growing trend is adding this oil to beauty products because of its high level of antioxidants. Lather up!


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  1. While being Fair Trade and non-GMO is great, consumers should also look into the environmental impact of how the palm oil they purchase is produced(e.g. deforestation and animal endangerment — big issues in the production of palm oil).