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Ramy OMG! Over Mascara Glitter & Liner


Ramy is one of the biggest names in brows so it’s easy to forget that he has a very extensive beauty range as well. I stopped by his New York City brow/makeup studio a few weeks ago and checked out some of his products while I was there…truly some of the most unique and innovative I’ve seen in awhile! The first notable one is the OMG mascara and liner pictured above ($24). It’s genius two-in-one and I wish it came in black! Also worth singling out is his Alive blush ($19), which while technically a brush can be applied haphazardly all-over like a highlighter/bronzer for a slight sparkle (no shimmer so it looks very natural)…I’m a sucker for anything I can apply haphazardly without the need for a mirror. Lastly he has these lip oils ($18), which act like balms but have an oil consistency. They taste great too…Ramy told me he uses them sometimes when he’s hungry to curb his appetite!

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