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Rodial Launches New Makeup and Body Collections


When it comes to body care, Rodial and their Frugal Snob spinoff, Nip+Fab, are among my favorites and now the brand has not only launched new packaging for their body products, but new makeup. While I know names and packaging aren’t a reason to buy a product, there’s no denying that we in part shop with our eyes and once again Rodial knocked it out of the park naming their new makeup line Instaglam and their new body collection Super Fit (it’s mostly the same body sculpting products, just new packaging and a new collection name).

Instaglam Skin Tint ($45) is a light-weight tinted (four shades all named after sunny vaca spots like Capri and the Hamptons), medium coverage moisturizer with SPF30. I love that it combines three things in one, especially for summer when the last thing you want to do is clog up your pores with lots of products. The foundation also has Hyaluronic Acid so it works as an anti-aging product as well. They also launched Instaglam Eye Tint ($36), a brightening concealer with Hyaluronic Acid. Like the foundation it comes tinted (two shades available), to cover-up while treating fine lines. As for Super Fit it’s what Rodial is calling their collection of targeted body products. Expect to see all their cult faves like Boob Job and Tummy Tuck in the new packaging pictured above. No they won’t make your boobs instantly grow a cup size or make you suddenly have a six pack, but they will give a tightening sensation and I’ll take any boost of confidence I can get!


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