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TumericALIVE: New Juices Worth Trying


It’s hard to keep track of all the juice brands and shops (remember when it was just Organic Avenue and Blueprint??). Rarely is there a brand that offers something new. TumericALIVE¬†however is worth singling out. They sell their juices online and at a slew of retailers including Whole Foods for about $5.99 each. Each juice is made and bottled in NYC and includes tumeric a powerhouse ingredient that is a miracle anti-inflammatory (perfect if you’re feeling bloaty/have digestive issues or if your skin is acting up). It’s also been shown to help fight a number of cancers and diseases. Most of the juice’s ingredients are sourced locally and are organic, and for calorie counters out there, all of the brand’s juices are low in calories – about 25-45 per 12oz bottle. Little surprise as someone who is obsessed with matcha, their Matcha Elexir was my fave, but they have a wide variety that includes everything from pineapple to beet. They also just launched Pure Prana. I haven’t tried one of these yet, but they’re raw, organic energy shots made from turmeric, holy basil, and yerba mate. Note however that these do have an intense flavor, but that’s kind of what I love about them – you really get a lot of bang for very little calories and lots of health benefits!


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