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Whish: Luxury Hair Removal From Start to Finish


I just saw The Other Woman and Leslie Mann’s character admittedly doesn’t even bother to shave her legs…maybe if she had a few bottles of Whish’s products that would be different! First off their shave creams, called Whish Shave Crave ($20), are awesome – I’m obsessed with the smells and the packaging. Unlike most drugstore brand shave creams they’re also free of parabens, sulfate, propane, isobutene, TEA, and mineral oil so you don’t need to worry about any “dirty” ingredients. Do note however that they are non-foaming so don’t get these if you’re into a big lather. Aside from the basics like shave cream however Whish makes ancillary products like Whish Flawless ($22.50), an ingrown hair serum that contains clinically proven ingredients to moisturize skin post-hair removal and inhibit future growth (use this post-shave). They also have Whish Prelude ($20), a pre-wax and shave serum containing clove leaf oil and menthol to prep skin by cleansing and helping reduce skin inflammation. It also has organic aloe and cucumber extracts in the formulation, which help the razor get closer to the skin surface. Unrelated to shaving I just noticed they also launched these deodorant wipes…how cool!? So useful for a night out in the summer when you know you’ll be sweating…


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