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Balenciaga Le Dix Cabas Leather Tote: Timeless is More

Balenciaga Le Dix Cabas Leather Tote

I love the minimalist aesthetic Alex Wang brought to Balenciaga. He knows that just because you’re spending top dollar doesn’t mean you need extra bells and whistles. The original Le Dix had a flap that lent the bag a briefcase look. By taking that away, he’s uncovered a ladylike style that is somehow both understated and demanding of attention. Sure, you can also carry this to work (with the detachable shoulder strap if you’d like!) – you’ll just be 5X chicer. There’s plenty of storage room, and yet the silhouette is streamlined and trim with no external pockets or unnecessary adornments. It’s perfectly sleek, down to the delicate touch of hardware.

While this Cabas tote may be Pre Fall 2014, the truth is that it’s seasonless, especially in warm aubergine. For the next few months, we may dabble in summer flings, but this is the bag that will still be standing come winter…and the year after that…and the one after that…Balenciaga Le Dix Cabas tote on My Theresa for $1,985.



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