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Formula X Press Pods Review

Formula X Press Pods

Formula X just came out with one of the most genius beauty innovations, Formula X Press Pods ($39 for 24) – they’re single-use manicure pods! Not only is it once in a blue moon that a beauty brand truly innovates and creates a completely new category, Formula X has done this and launched with two dozen shades! These pods are perfect for travel since they’re tiny and you don’t have to worry about spillage, but because they are designed for one-time use, you’ll also never have a bottle of dried out polish on your hands. Each capsule has enough color for two coats and this set includes a variety of shades ranging from the classic to the adventurous. I wish they sold them individually so I could stock up on my favorite shades (I’m not one to wear green polish, for example), but since this is a new product I imagine this will come with time.


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