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Suja Juice: Move Over, Blueprint

Suja Juice

Suja Juice has literally exploded onto the juice scene in the last year (read this article for confirmation). I love their blends. They have a good variety, which includes all-green ones with no fruit so they’re not loaded in sugar like many of the popular juice brands’ green offerings. I still prefer either blended smoothies, which I make with my Vitamix, or simply eating my fruits and vegetables, but on occasion that’s simply not possible and I want something easy to hold me over. The reason I prefer blending over juicing is that with juices you’re not getting much – if any – fiber, as the process extracts only water and nutrients from the produce. Without fiber your digestive system doesn’t have to work as hard to break down the food and absorb the nutrients allowing everything to be absorbed into your blood stream quickly causing a rapid spike in blood sugar; this is why so many juice cleanses claim to give your digestive system a break. While this may be helpful if you’re having digestive issues, I’d rather have fiber providing a steady release of nutrients into the blood stream. Plus it works to fill you up.

All that said Suja is about “convenient nutrition” and they definitely live up that. They’re also USDA-certified organic setting them apart from many other popular juice brands as well.


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