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Jars by Dani Says Bye-Bye Cupcakes


The fashion world is over cupcakes. They’re done with fancy Rice Krispies and they’ve taken a break from macaroons. The newest sugar-filled niche dessert is Jars by Dani (four 8 oz. jars are $40). Right now the brand only delivers in Manhattan, but online orders will be added shortly and if you really want them delivered to you before then, email Dani ( The jars are pretty much the best housewarming gift ever since they’re not only memorable, but they also taste delicious and countless brands have been using them to promote various products and projects (by tying in flavors and colors of the jar ingredients to their products, for example). Jars include things like vanilla cake, sprinkles, white chocolate chunks, and whipped cream or fudge brownie, Oreo cheesecake, chocolate mousse, whipped cream, chocolate chips…Dani also has mini jars for some portion controlled goodness.


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