Kirna Zabete Giveaway: Balenciaga Tube Bag & $1,000 Gift Certificate!

Congrats to H. Warren of Granbury, TX – winner of the Kirna Zabete giveaway!

Kirna Zabete Giveaway

To kick off the summer season, we’re giving away a cotton candy-hued Balenciaga Tube bag ($1,795) – and a $1,000 Kirna Zabete gift certificate to help you with your summer wardrobe!

I love to stop in Kirna Zabete’s Broome Street store when I visit New York. For every mainstay designer you’ll find lining the walls, founders Sarah Easley and Beth Buccini (nicknamed Kirna and Zabete, respectively) make a point to stock an up-and-comer. Follow them on Instagram to keep up with the latest finds! In this case, we’re all well familiar with Balenciaga, even though this pastel Tube bag feels completely fresh. It’s times like these when I wish I could enter our giveaways too. As much as I’m a mini bag girl, sometimes you need something more spacious – especially for work – and it can’t always be black. This baby pink will act almost like a neutral, but it’s way more fun than that! How would you style it?


By participating in the contest, you’re agreeing to opt in to receive e-mail newsletters from Snob Essentials and our sponsor, Kirna Zabete. To double your chances, follow the NYC retailer’s Facebook page or Twitter, and the Snob Essentials Facebook page or Twitter. The contest will end on July 31st at midnight when a random computerized drawing will select the winner. Good luck to all entering the giveaway!


Kirna Zabete Giveaway

13 thoughts on “Kirna Zabete Giveaway: Balenciaga Tube Bag & $1,000 Gift Certificate!

  1. Albertine on said:

    What an amazing bag, good luck to you all!

  2. Wow.. this bag is so elegant, just love it !

  3. Lisa Connor Moore on said:

    I filled out everything, I am following everyone on Twitter @lisacm404 But it didn’t give me credit for that, I also tried following and un following, please help! I would like a fair chance too! Thanks so much if you could please look I to this!

    • Richard Cook on said:

      Hi Lisa,

      Please try again to unfollow and follow the Twitters. I just did it and I was given credit after unfollowing and then following our own Twitters. Maybe there was a problem with the contest site (Punchtab) when you were entering?


  4. Theresa Meyers on said:

    Love the color of this bag, so soft.

  5. Thanks for the FABULOUS giveaway!! Think pink! :)

  6. Maribell Caban on said:

    Divine!!! Keeping my finger’s crossed & what a Fierce Giveaway! Hope I win cause I’d wear the cutest summer dress in the day & go FABUlous for those Florida nights! Year round for me dahlings! LOVE!

  7. Love this bag! But I want the gift certificate more!

  8. Stacey Chua on said:

    Wow! Awesome giveaway!! Just give me the bag already! Smiling like a Chelsea cat! :)

  9. This bag is gorgeous!!! I hope I’m the lucky winner!!!. I follow you on Facebook as Karen Movilla and on Twitter as @mellanovha

  10. Maribell Caban on said:

    Keeping my fingers crossed! Got my old Twitter account back & wanted to be sure to follow all the rules, so I reentered for the 2nd time, hope its okay! Good luck to all & hope I win!!!

  11. Cassandra Reynolds on said:

    I love this bag! I hope I’m the winner.

  12. Paulina Rios on said:

    I love this bag!! If I win would feel like winning the lottery! jaja

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