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Who Needs Bread? Try These High Fiber Crisps Instead

Who Needs Bread?

Who needs bread? Well, me…I’m a bread addict. The hardest part about spending two weeks in Japan was that most meals did not come with bread (old habits die hard!). However when I want to loose a few pounds to fit into a particular dress usually all I have to do is cut back on bread and replace my sweets with fruit for about a week. Obviously that is way easier said than done! I can usually go two days before my taste buds go crazy. One of the ways to work around it is by opting for a bran crispbread like these FiberRich+. No, they’re not chewy, doughy goodness, but they’re satisfying, very flavorful and are the perfect vehicle for some avocado and smoked salmon (my favorite combo…though when I’m trying to be “good” I’ll opt for turkey instead of smoked salmon or just avocado with some lemon).

Low in calories, sugar, fat and high in fiber, these crackers are also sodium free, which is key because bread is usually loaded with sodium (especially bagels), and nothing makes your belly bloat like salt. Keep in mind though that these crackers are not only healthier than bread – ¬†they also taste healthy, by which I mean they have a grainy, wheat-y kind of a taste. Personally I like it, but I can see how it can be an acquired taste for some. I will say that most “healthy” options are flavorless so I like that you’re getting a lot of flavor for minimal calories. Better yet there is zero filler and no sketchy chemicals – unprocessed wheat bran and rye flour, and that’s all in these babies! You can also get their crackers with sunflower seeds. Check-out more about these healthy crisps here!


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