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Pierre Hardy Suede, Leather, & Calf Hair Sandals: Snob or Slob?

Pierre Hardy Suede, Leather, & Calf Hair Sandals

Pierre Hardy’s latest sandals may give new meaning to the phrase, “I’ve got my eyes on you,” but do you like what you see? He’s never been one to take fashion too seriously, and this is one of his most playful outings yet. With ginormous cartoon eyes that follow you wherever you go (trust me – I’ve seen them in person), these heels are like the Mona Lisa of shoes! They’ll make green-eyed monsters out of all those who envy your summer sandals. For me, though, not so much. The suede lashes peeking out the sides are just a step too far. And those neon green irises? Calf hair. While these are certainly fun and no doubt a conversation starter, I prefer to keep my eyes in my head. What about you? Available on NET-A-PORTERicon for $865.



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