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Protein Powder: Not Just for Bodybuilders


One of the biggest fitness myths is that protein powder is just for bodybuilders. In fact it can make a huge difference for active women of all fitness levels looking to build and maintain lean muscle; the key is to pick the right one. You need to pick a protein powder that contains all the essential amino acids for a daily diet. One of the most trusted brands is Vega, which was started by former professional (vegan!) Ironman triathlete Brendan Brazier. His protein powder products not only contain all the essential amino acids, but each amino acid is well represented and the protein is easy to digest; it’s very important that the protein is easy to digest because if your body can’t digest it, what good will it do for your body?!

Like with most everything else it would be ideal to get your daily protein fix with real food, but sitting down and eating a steak post-workout isn’t exactly something most women find feasible – or appealing. Vega’s protein powder is an easy alternative that will not only boost your immune system and make you feel full (with relatively few calories), but because protein levels are depleted when you exercise, your post-workout protein shake will help prevent muscle deterioration by feeding muscles for a toned and lean look. And again, what is so great about Vega is that it’s easy and fast for your body to absorb. Protein powder starting to look more appealing??


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