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Top Current Cowgirl Pieces: Go West, Young Snob

Top Current Cowgirl Pieces

When it came to distinctly Western gear for the genuine cowboys of the Wild West, the consensus has always been go big or go home. But – confession time! – I’m not a genuine cowboy, nor am I trying to qualify as one. I’m more about a refined take on Western fashion.

Tempting as it may be, try to resist from a head-to-toe cowboy look, lest you work at Southfork Ranch. Instead, build your own just-a-little-bit country style from one or two key pieces for a relevant yet restrained take on ranch dressing.

1. Talitha Kumari Embroidered Silk-Crepe Wrap Jacket: While real cowboys reaped agricultural inspiration from the Native Americans, I’ll take mine in the form of a breezy Navajo-tinged jacket. On NET-A-PORTER for $1,030.

2. J. Crew Denim Western Shirt: Like beat-up Levi’s, the denim shirt is a timeless off-day staple. This pale indigo wash is ideal for summer. At J. Crew for $88 (from $98).

3. Tamara Mellon Fringed Suede Pencil Skirt: The ladylike pencil skirt gets a laidback makeover with the injection of a burnt-rust hue and a sprinkling of fringe. On NET-A-PORTER for $895.

4. Saint Laurent Fringed Leather Clutch: Shake it, don’t fake it! Saint Laurent’s swishing, swashbuckling clutch works because it fully commits, and black leather, as opposed to say, brown suede, is nice and clean. This is sold out on NET-A-PORTER, so add yourself to the wish list or call Elizabeth (214-780-0184) at Saint Laurent to order! On NET-A-PORTER for $1,450.

5. Serratelli Cavender’s 6X Cowboy Collection Cloud Felt Hat: Feel at home on the range with a softened leather cowboy hat. Here’s a case where just one element is all you need to make a major statement. At Cavender’s for $169.

6. Isabel Marant The Dicker Suede Ankle Boots: Marant’s quintessential soft suede boot is so simple, it’s destined to never look passé (unlike some certain leg-lifting sneakers). On NET-A-PORTER for $650.



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