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Chantecaille Summer Collection

Chantecaille Rose de Mai Cream

Chantecaille is like Tom Ford…it’s pretty hard for the brand to do any wrong so trying anything from their line is very low risk. They recently launched a new skincare product, Rose de Mai Cream ($210), which is infused with rose de mai, a rare (read pricey – it only blooms for three weeks in May) ingredient known for its anti-aging capabilities. The cream is perfect to use now because it’s lightweight so you won’t feel weighed down even if you’re also layering on SPF and foundation. They also have a new color collection inspired by the colors of the jungle, which translates into brightly colored eye liners (love the teal, but all the formulations are waterproof so I haven’t tried them as I try to avoid waterproof products), a mango lip gloss, and an awesome liquid lumiere anti-aging highlightericon. What makes this highlighter, available in two shades for $39 each, so great is that it’s super multifunctional. It will give you a glow, while hydrating and working as an anti-aging product. It’s lightweight and creamy so it can easily be added into your body lotion for some brightness (too bad that for $39 the tube is kind of small…it’s def an indulgence to use this for your body), into your facial moisturizer, or applied directly onto your face. Chantecaille Summer collection available at Nordstrom.


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