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Frugal Friday: Sam Edelman Shoes

Frugal Friday

There just aren’t many frugal shoe brands that make the grade. Something about these accessories requires an expert hand, and luckily for us, Sam Edelman has just that. His comfy styles may not wow anyone, but the kinds of shoes that do that always come with bigger price tags. For everyday wear, these are all you need, and as if they aren’t frugal-friendly enough to begin with, some pieces are now on sale at Nordstrom!

Zachary Cutout Ankle Cuff Suede Pump ($89.90, from $139.95):icon The perfect fall pump! Sure, cutouts aren’t always great in cooler weather, but with the cute front tie acting as embellishment, these will look just as pretty with tights as they will without.

Okala Pump ($109.95):icon A low heel that will keep you comfortable at work and still completely polished.

Genette Sandal ($66.90, from $99.95):icon While these would appeal to me even without the hammered hardware, I do love when accessories feel like they’re doubling as jewelry.

Emlyn Sandal ($139.95):icon With the front lacing, these strappy sandals nail a fine balance between sporty and sexy.



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  1. Kelly, I’ve been a big fan for a few years now. I own several pairs of these sandals, which are comfortable, well made, and fashionable. I own higher end shoes as well, but I get many more compliments on the lower priced ME shoes than I do on my high end ones!!!