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Japonesque Pro Makeup Artist Wipes


Japonesque just came out with a few new products, but the ones that have caught my attention are their Pro Makeup Artist Wipes ($12.50 for 20). For the most part a wipe is a wipe – though I tend to prefer ones formulated with salicylic acid – but these come individually wrapped meaning they will stay fresher for way longer than pretty much all others. How many times have you opened a pack of wipes only to find they aren’t moist (this has happened a few times with Burt’s Bees). Or, even more frequently, a pack you’ve already opened but haven’t used in a few days is suddenly filled with dry towels…so annoying especially when it’s late at night! This isn’t a problem you’ll have to face with these soft cloths. In fact they’re moist enough to remove even those stubborn things like waterproof mascara without your losing a bunch of eyelashes and they’re formulated with Vitamin E to hydrate. They’re also portable and you don’t technically need to wash/moisturize your face after wiping it with these since it won’t leave your skin feeling dry or with soapy residue.

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One thought on “Japonesque Pro Makeup Artist Wipes”

  1. I had a totally different experience than yours for this product. I received it as part of some free samples with my Ulta order. I ordinarily use L’oreal eye makeup remover as I wear lots of black eyeliner and waterproof mascara and for the rest of my face I use Clinique make up remover balm. The Japonesque cloths did not even come close to taking off my makeup. Especially the eye makeup.


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