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New Glossing Products From Oscar Blandi

New Glossing Products From Oscar Blandi

Oscar Blandi just launched two great products – just don’t make the same mistake I did and use them together unless you have very thick hair! The first, and my favorite, is Vivid Clear Shine Glazeicon ($28), which is a post-conditioning treatment to add shine to your hair. I think it works best when mixed into your conditioner or hair masque. Just mix the two together and leave it in about five minutes before rinsing for more intense shine and brighter color…the product also smells amazing! Not too floral, just a really clean, fresh scent. The second product they launched is Polish Glossing Crèmeicon ($25), which is a post-shower product that you apply to damp hair. The problem with this I found is that it’s a little heavy so I wouldn’t recommend it if you have very thin hair (or if you’re using the Shine Glaze already). For medium to thick hair though it’s a great option as it not only works to had shine, but it protects from heat styling and tames frizz/flyaways. Available at Macy’s.


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