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Outer Spice: Low Salt and No Salt Seasonings

Outer Spice

I try to cut salt out of pretty much everything. It’s rare that my order at a restaurant isn’t prefaced with telling the waitress I have an acute sensitivity to salt. It instantly makes me feel bloated and there are so many more healthful ways to add flavor to your food. Case in point, Outer Spice, a new brand of no salt and low salt seasoning options. These aren’t just any spices though, each of the four flavors have been meticulously sourced for their health benefits. That’s the awesome thing about niche brands where the owners are personally invested in delivering quality products. The guy who founded Outer Spice got food poisoning which inspired research on herbs and spices, eventually leading him to meet growers of fresh, all-natural and organic spices. When he noticed his health improve, he began working on developing his brand working exclusively with herbs and spices ground in small, artisanal batches. The seasonings are versatile enough to use on pretty much anything from meat and marinades, to soups and salads and even the ones with salt only have the equivalent to 4% of the daily value. I know that kicking a salt addiction seems challenging, but it really isn’t that bad (studies have shown and I am proof!). Replace your regular salt with one of these and I bet in just a few days you’ll notice your palette change for the better!


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  1. I myself cut out salt many years ago and have been using fresh herbs from my garden instead, it would be nice to try a blend by someone else.