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Qi’a Superfood Cereal


I’m a cereal addict. Unfortunately cereals don’t tend to be healthy (especially since sticking to one serving size is usually impossible), and they’re often filled with loads with chemicals, sugars, and additives – not so with Qi’a, a new line from Nature’s Path. The superfood cereal is made with chia, hemp, and buckwheat and depending on the variety may also have some dried fruit and nuts (the original has no dried fruit and 0 grams of sugar). It’s not your typical cereal it’s basically a bag of seeds that you can eat raw or put them in milk (they’ll expand a bit), either way you’re getting a ton of plant-based protein, fiber, and omegas. Salt free, low in fat, and made only with ingredients you can identify (basically they just have the ingredients I mentioned – no fillers), this is a very filling cereal/snack that also works great mixed in with yogurts, dressings, or salads. It’s not low in calories, though (about 140 for 30g serving…typically you’ll have about 55-60g of cereal in a serving), and the seeds will get stuck all over your teeth so eat this when you’re home alone!!! That said while this may be higher in calories than some of your other cereal options, calories are not all created equally. It’s exceedingly better to get your calories from natural products like chia and hemp seeds than it is a high fructose corn syrup concoction.


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