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Stella McCartney Platform Brogues: Phone a Friend

Stella McCartney Platform Brogues

For the past few years, more and more women have incorporated brogues into their wardrobes, and now Stella has taken the popular style and elevated it even further – literally. This is one of those times when I get the idea in my head that I can pull off looks best left to others. As I sense those moments coming on, I turn to my friend Sasha, who never fails to set me straight. Now before you bash these shoes and say I’ve lost my mind, let me set the stage. When you’re standing on the white floors of a beautiful boutique, the soles melt into the ground, making it seem as if you’re in flats! They made me feel like a young girl in the ‘90s who loved the Spice Girls and Japanese manga shoes, though Sasha eloquently explained that the effect was also a bit scary nurse in Dressed to Kill. With this in mind, I ended up leaving with a tasteful, if boring pointed pump instead. It’s nice to know that the carefree girl still arises in me from time to time, but now I have enough sense not to give into her every whim! Stella McCartney platform brogues on NET-A-PORTER in blackicon ($995) and star-patterned nudeicon ($1,080).

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