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Taga Bike-Stroller: Transforms Your Life

Taga Bike-Stroller

It’s insane how smart this stroller is. I’m going to have another baby just so I can use it! Okay, not actually, but why do all the fun, ingenious inventions come about after they are worthless to me? Well, if you have a tot, you’re in luck, and I highly highly recommend you get this. This bike-stroller is the best thing that has ever happened to babies and parents. Riding a bike around with your child is not only fun for your tot, but is a great way to work off the baby weight. And it allows you to go so much farther than walking with the stroller. So you’re wondering what you do with this giant bike-stroller when you need coffee and can’t get it in the door of Starbucks? That is the best part. You take off the stroller seat, flip the part with the bike seat over and it converts to a regular stroller!!! See the image of the stroller setting and you can see the upside down seat. There is no dis-assembly involved. It’s just one magical flip and voilà! A true transformer. Watch the video, and at the 1:20 mark you can see how easy this is.

When your child grows out of the stroller, this is still useful as a bike. Instead of the stroller seat, you can get a shopping basket and use it to carry groceries!! There are many options you can get, like a second child seat and side bags for additional storage. There is even a wooden double seat so two tots can sit across from each other like they are in a horse drawn carriage. The fun is endless and so are the places you’ll go with it. Taga bike-stroller available on Taga for $1,495.

Taga Bike-Stroller



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