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Honeycat Cosmetics Bath and Body Products

Honeycat Cosmetics Bath and Body Products

I’m a dog person, but I’m also a sucker for cute packaging so I fell hard for Honeycat Cosmetics. And lest you blame me, Donny Deutsch said this brand has “$10 million dollar packaging.” By far their most memorable product is the one pictured above. It’s also the only one in the line that’s impractical…namely because it’s sharp and filled with bath salts that you’re not going to use all at once, and you can’t really close up the tin once it’s open. Come on, though – how awesome is that packaging?! That aside everything about this line is adorable and that’s pretty key given that it’s hard to stand out when it comes to bath and body products. Unlike with skincare and makeup, people judge this more than anything else on looks and smell. The scents are similarly fun in theme (think cocktail and chocolate inspired), but unlike other brands that have gone this route nothing smells overly sweet/cheap. Check out their full line of products here (another fave is their red wine shower gel).

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