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NYFW Spring 2015 Trend Alert: Braids, Braids, Braids

I’m a sucker for a good braid – blame the German in me but the whole Heidi look? I’m totally into it. While I haven’t seen Heidi braids on the runway just yet, braids have been a major runway beauty trend in plenty of other iterations this season. Suno, Peter Som and Tome were just a few of the designers who opted to give the classic look a makeover. What’s so great about this trend is that you can play with it to suit your style – you can make the look anything from grungy or bold to refined.

Suno clp RS15 7248

The loose wide braid at Suno was my favorite. It was so chic against the collection’s bright ready-to-wear (and to die bold sunglasses…) and because there weren’t any flyaways and the hair was blown out straight, it didn’t distract from any of the looks despite its eye-catching nature.

Tome clp RS15 4080
The fishtail that Tome showed I thought was a bit creepy like a slimy fish?! While I wasn’t a big fan its graphic texture made for good runway shots and I did like how they wrapped a piece of hair around the elastic at the end.

Peter Som clp RS15 4780

Can’t go wrong with a classic french braid. It’s easy, stylish and always works in a pinch. This is also a great look to go for if you’re trying a bold makeup look as it will provide some balance.

Images: Imaxtree


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  1. These braids are beautiful, but I have no dexterity when it comes to re-creating the look on myself. Maybe a “Braids for Dummies” tutorial?