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Dolce & Gabbana Crystal-Embellished Velvet Pumps: Floral Fantasy

Dolce & Gabbana Crystal-Embellished Velvet Pumps

With darker hues and bulkier, structured coats, autumn tends to bring out our more masculine sides, but after looking at these girly Dolce & Gabbanas, I’m ready to take my fall wardrobe in the opposite direction! If the extra layers weren’t a good enough indication, this season is all about more; more fabric, more texture, more shine…in one word? Decadence. And there are few shoes more decadent than these. Crystals in every color, arranged in floral formations across sensual, grape velvet, and instead of a caged bird, caged flowers! 3D petals feel less kitsch than Charlotte Olympia’s colorful parrots, plus the Mary Jane style keeps the look versatile. Sure, the pump seems made for ladylike skirts and dresses, but it would also be a fun, quick way to dress up casual jeans. Though I’m not telling you wear a trash bag, the truth is that with heels as dramatic as these, no one’s going to be looking at the rest of your outfit! Dolce & Gabbana crystal-embellished velvet pumps on NET-A-PORTERicon for $2,995.

Dolce & Gabbana Crystal-Embellished Velvet Pumps



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