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The Art of the Thank You Note: Rule of Three

It’s that time of year when all we really want to do is work off those extra calories and shop the sales but it is important to take a bit of time to write our thank you notes too! Showing gratitude is so important, especially after the holidays. I am going to do mine today!

If writing a note sounds daunting to you, I hope the formula I learned many years ago will help. I call it the 3-3-3 of thank you notes!

1. It should only take THREE minutes to write a thank you note.
Always mention the gift, how it will be used and then end with the hope that you will see each other soon or work together soon, etc. Always be appropriate to the person you are writing to and the situation but make it personal.

2. A thank you note should only take THREE lines!
This does not include the salutation (Dear Kelly) or the closing (My best, Kimberly).

3. You should send it out in THREE days!
Your goal should always be so send a note out within three days of receipt of the gift. Of course, this often doesn’t happen. A thank you note is always appropriate so, even if months have passed, write a note anyway!

Here is a sample:
Dear Tina,
Thank you so much for the fabulous cross-body bag. It brightened up my day and is absolutely perfect for travel and for running around with the children. I’m so proud of your new collections and I am looking forward to showing off your fantastic designs.
My best,

I love that this note “sounds” like the sender’s voice. The best notes sound personal and show your personality.

Here are a few more tips for addressing and stamping your thank you notes:
* Always write and print clearly
* Always hand write addresses (no labels)
* Fill in notes are only appropriate if you are under age six.
* Use a stamp (not metered postage).
* For more inspiration, check out my video about the Art of the Thank You Note.

The Art of the Thank You Note


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